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In this section you can get market estimated rates in the market for truckload freight, which are updated periodically according  we get information from our our sources.  

Rates are obtained directly by carriers and some leading manufacturing companies in its field, information is handled as strictly confidential and is just for statistical purposes.

Mexico Truckload provides charts & data displaying actual and historic freight cost indicators such as minimum, average and maximum market rates for different equipment types, immediately and effortless.

Once you enter the lane specific information into the system, the following market information will be displayed:

  • Minimum rate.
  • Average rate.
  • Maximum rate.
  • Estimated transit times.
  • Total miles
  • Number of carriers considered for the analisys.
  • Cost per mile
  • Fuel surcharge cost

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*Mexico Truckload has no self-interest behind the published rates, does not has any relationship with carriers or companies consulted. The data shown in this section are based on market research and constitute no obligation for any carrier or contractor to change previously negotiated rates.

*You will find real market rates covering the main routes of the industrial corridor. Mostly in 53ft and some others in small equipment (3.5Tons-Rabon-Torton). (MTL is periodically updating information to enrich the statistics on different types of equipment)


Subscribers will have access to truckload rates including historical data per equipment type such as 3.5 Tons, Rabon (10 Ton), Thorton (15 Ton) and 48FT/53FT,  where you will be able find a general estimate cost per mile. 







In this section you will be able to calculate the current estimated cost of the diesel considering the equipment  type used. The only information that you will need to get the result will be the type of equipment and the miles of the route.




The subscriber will get access to information about the development of Mexican diesel cost starting with  the decision of Mexico's federal government that subsidies for diesel will be gradually reduced. Consequently diesel cost has increased on a monthly basis until 2015. You will have access to the record of the cost of diesel since 2008, as well as updated monthly cost.






If you are looking to develop new carriers, in this section you will find the best fit for you based on your  requirement, you will find a directory of carriers previously validated by Mexico Truckload.

Within seconds you will have the following information:

  • General Information
  • Type of industry
  • Equipment inventory
  • Equipment type
  • Yards location
  • Certificates
  • Scope of service
  • Contacts


find a carrier
     *This section is constantly updated with new carriers.




Project Name


Here you will be able to find general information regarding Mexico Transportation

  • Federal Motor Carrier Transportation Regulations.
  • Mexico equipment types most used.
  • Required documentation for Motor Carrier - Normal Cargo 
  • Required documentation for Motor Carrier - Haz Mat Cargo
  • Certificates: NEEC, CAAT, CTPAT, FAST, SCAC
  • Mexico Truckload Transportation overview.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Transportation Stadistics
  • Mexico-United States border



  • Doubts and consultancy regarding Mexico truckload regular transportation 
  • Tariff audit
  • Carriers recommendation
  • Carriers contracts.
  • Mexico Fuel sur charge.
  • Rates structure, etc.

TL lanes tendering & analisys
  • Mexico Truckload offers support to conduct lanes tendering for special projects.
  • We will suggest you carriers that comply with your company requirements and needs.
  • Information analysis.

Mexico & USA cargo liability coverage 
  • MTL has a strategic business partner who understands the needs of truckload transportation in Mexico, this company is an expert in cargo insurance coverage. Mexico Truckload subscribers & carriers will have exclusive benefits in their policies.

To learn more about this service please go to the following link: transport insurance

For more information about additional services please contact



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