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Mexico Truckload (MTL) is the first resource of this kind for the Mexican logistics and transportation industry and is supported by more than 21 years of combined professional industry experience.

Is an online source that provides information about truckload transportation in Mexico.  Within the site you will find access to basic tools that will provide reliable information on the Mexican truckload market that will be helpful for making business decision.

MTL services include the following:

    • Instantaneous & reliable market intelligence. (Industrial corridor mostly)
    • Historic & actual Mexico fuel cost. Fuel calculation.
    • Carrier’s directory.
    • Federal Motor Carrier Transportation Statistics
    • Federal Motor Carrier Transportation Regulations

MTL also provides services not included in the subcription which are quoted by project such:

      • Consultancy
      • TL Lanes Tendering and Analysis

*For quotes or more information about ADDITIONAL SERVICES, please contact:

Mexico Truckload is an essential tool for getting in a simple and fast way information about truckload transportation in Mexico. It will help you to save time in searching general information or rates estimates.

It will allow you to strengthen your knowledge of Mexico trucking transportation, since unlike other countries laws and regulations are different for carriers, some examples of these differences are:

  • General and cargo liability
  • Equipment types used in Mexico
  • Fuel cost and regulations
  • Required documentation for Motor Carrier
  • Weights and dimensions regulations.

 In Mexico Truckload you will find information regarding those subjects so we can help you to make the best decision regarding your shipments  within Mexican territory and in this way avoid risks due to lack of information.   

Mexico Truckload is for any company or individual that requires reliable information on truckload transportation in Mexico. It will benefit both the sellers & buyers of truckload freight in Mexico. 

  • Single source of all essential information about Mexico truckload industry.
  • Carrier directory validated by our team. 
  • Market information that is updated in a regular basis.
  • Consulting services supported by experience and knowledge of the MTL.
  • Real market rates at your fingertips, covering the main routes of the industrial corridor.
  • Historical and current fuel surcharge impact on transportation cost.
  • 21 years of combined professional industry experience. We know Mexico, we know the carriers and we know the business.

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